Have you been doctor-shopping, diet-shopping, supplement-shopping, yet are still not better?​

Feeling Sick? Tired? Old? Fat? Wrinkled? Bloated? Achy? Low? Sleepless? Sad?

Suffering from Fatigue, Weight Gain/Loss, Hair Loss, Infertility, Eczema, Allergies, Migraines, IBS, PCOS, Leaky Gut, Diverticulitis, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, GERD, ADD, MS, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, Brain Fog, Alzheimer’s, Hashimoto’s, Lyme, Premature Ageing, Cysts, Autism, or really any other chronic, auto-immune or degenerative disease?

How would you feel HEALING it all, FOR GOOD? Amazing!?

This one-to-one, online 3 Month Masterclass & Mentoring program has been designed just for YOU – to equip you with all the wisdom, daily support and one-on-one professional guidance you need to help you overcome your health issues – all of them,  and feel good again.

All this, personally, with a highly qualified and experienced, triple board certified medical doctor AND naturopath, who herself practices what she preaches, and walks her talk, with you.

Dr. Isabella will take you through a 3 Month Cutting Edge, World Class, Holistic, True Health & Life Advancement Protocol to help you deeply, TRULY heal, without the waste-of-time clinical visits. Yes, all from the comfort of your living room.

The pinnacle of the last 20 years of clinical practice, extensive, open-minded research, as well as personal experiences, merging the most powerful healing techniques from the fields of Holistic, Functional, Nutritional, Naturopathic, Anti-Ageing and Regenerative Medicine, as well as Energy Medicine, this is the most comprehensive, all-natural, clinically proven, deep healing program that has ever existed.

A catalyst experience with a priceless content, it breaks through all the misinformation, and equips you with powerful knowledge, and all the empowering answers and actionable information you have been struggling to find for years – TO HELP YOU HEAL, FROM ANYTHING, ALL-NATURALLY.


Whatever your current health condition, with Dr. Isabella, you will be aiming for deep, true healing and your transformation into the BEST version of yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually and look-wise – in a fit, thriving, youthful, holistically healthy body – independant of your age, or current ‘diagnosis’.

Our goal is to achieve health perfection and long-term success, so Dr. Isabella teaches you, guides you and helps you eliminate the underlying issues from every single angle, and to realign your beliefs and your actions to create a health transformation that is nothing short of astonishing.

After awakening you to the root causes of your health issues and enlightening you with an essential working knowledge of your body, Dr. Isabella will get you started on the best, most powerful, all-natural healing methods, detoxifiers, antimicrobials, cleanses, cellular regenerators and botanical superstars, most of which you would otherwise never even have heard of, all the while empowering you with the knowledge. Your health in your own hands, with her help supporting you all the way.

You will be purging the plaque from your intestines, arteries and brain; getting rid of all the viruses, bacteria, candida, worms and other parasites living inside you; eliminating heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins from your tissues; regenerating your cells, enhancing your immune system and other organ functions, etc.

Along the way, you will also learn to prepare the perfect, purified, mineralised, energised water, learn to cook the healthiest foods, make your own all-natural, toxin-free toothpaste, shampoo, laundry detergent and other toiletries; learn the right breathing technique, the power of grounding, walking, sunshine and alignment with the Universe, and much much more.

We are not joking. We are perfectionists, and we want you purified and regenerated, aligned and energised. We want you HEALTHY.

Obviously, this is impossible to reach in just one consultation.


Due to the amount of new information you will be introduced to, and the education, guidance and support you will need all along the way, and also considering the time our body needs to eliminate the mass of toxins, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, candida, worms and other parasites from our tissues, and the time our cells and tissues need to regenerate, this program runs over 3 months.

Within 3 months, investing, on average, around 2-3 hours of your time daily, you will be taken through a comprehensive, life changing, irreplaceable, and deeply guided program, supported all the way, on the phone, by emails, texts and voicemails with Dr. Isabella, who will share with you all the eye-opening insights, empowering answers and actionable information you need to heal, and possibly even save your life.

It will completely change how you understand and take care of your health and wellbeing.

As time goes by, with Dr. Isabella’s ongoing support, you will continue to grow and gain momentum, and you will not only experience tremendous health gains and deep, true healing, from all your health issues, but overall, your life will improve exponentially as well.

You will be transforming like a caterpillar into a butterfly.

You will be crawling out of the rabbit hole like Alice – into Wonderland. We want you to feel like reborn, with your true essence, and experience joy and delight in who you are.


Because you have not come to the office and been examined, you are not considered a patient. Much better than that, together with Dr. Isabella, you will explore the physical causes of your health issue(s) and the best ways to eliminate them, along with various healing modalities, diagnostic and treatment options that you may otherwise never even have heard of, not from your doctor, not from your nutritionist, definitely not from your friends, and not online.

It will be the BEST project of your life! You will learn to master your own healing journey and learn how to overcome any health challenges – all naturally. You will never worry about illness again.




Millions are suffering due to the medical establishment’s failure to treat root causes and, looking for answers, are even further confused by all the misinformation online, originating from the masses of self-proclaimed ‘health experts’, who often just did a weekend course in nutrition…

And it’s so sad, because by the time most people would find the information that could actually help them, they’ve already given up. You’re SO lucky to be here!

With Dr. Isabella, you will be provided a plethora of wisdom, powerful insights, empowering answers and actionable information, collected through passionate, tireless, open-minded research and eye-opening personal experiences, tried, tested and perfected throughout more than 20 years of clinical practice.

Life-saving, life changing and irreplaceable, this program gives you profound, yet simplified insights and a functional working knowledge of your body. You will learn the shocking facts about the toxic, pathogenic junk inside us, and discover the most powerful detoxifiers, antimicrobials, cleanses and cellular regenerators. You will learn the meaning of die-off reactions and a healing crisis; learn about key lab tests, supplements and hormones; the perfect water, most intelligent nutrition and right breathing technique; the power of breathing, grounding, walking, sunshine and alignment with the Universe, and much much more. Personally, from a real expert.


One-to-One Coaching

You will receive deep and meaningful, executive coaching sessions and personal guidance for the MOST important aspect of life – your health and wellbeing. You will be supported all the way to achieve the best progress and lasting success, to reach true healing and your full potential, as soon as possible, as well as to maintain it in the future. Medicine, re-invented for a transformational impact and the best bottom line results, personal skills, empowerment, goal achievement and retention.


Ongoing Support

Whether it is to help you through a healing crisis or discuss lab results, to help you source remedies that are not commercially available, be there for you in case of doubt or worry, or any other support you may need, Dr. Isabella will be available to you, apart from your scheduled phone calls, 12 hours every day through voicemail, text and email.


Inspiration & Encouragement

You will be reminded, again and again, that your body is the most intelligent, complex system in the world, actually an extension of the Universe, and that it can always heal itself, from anything, given you pack your health issues by their roots and eliminate them. Until you can feel it. Because it’s the truth, and you need to know. True health IS the natural state of your being.



Knowledge is power, but without execution, absolutely NOTHING changes. Although very complex, Dr. Isabella perfected her program with simplicity of execution as top priority. She knows that if it was too difficult to understand, or too complicated to incorporate into daily life, no one would do it. It is not. Dr. Isabella walks the talk and practices what she preaches and because of her extensive experience, can make it easy for you, as much as possible. You will see, after a while it all becomes routine, just like brushing your teeth. The only way you can fail your health is by not doing it!



You will soon perfectly understand how our human body works, what it is damaged by and what it needs to become and stay healthy for as long as possible – essentially what the features of healing, wellbeing and longevity are, and how they work best for us. You will master the basics of each of the individual parameters and methods, and will no longer need to believe all the claims made by the medical establishment and various “health experts”. You will be able to evaluate information, compare for yourself and understand what is really important.

You will have the knowledge you need to be able to help your body heal itself. This knowledge and your personal experiences throughout your healing journey will provide you with an immense sense of empowerment, security and clarity, for life! You will never worry about diseases anymore, because you will know what to do about them, and if you keep it up the protocol, you will never be sick again!


Worldwide, Full Access

In our digital age, there is no reason for you to not have full access to the best experts, and be able to generate results from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. By phone, voice mails, texts and emails, our online delivery system overcomes busy lifestyles, scheduling conflicts, and location restrictions – to make it much easier for you to create the body and mind you love!


Lots of pleasure, with just a little bit of pain. (Which you will know is a healing crisis and a good prognostic sign, as it indicates that your body has started the process of healing itself by the elimination of toxins and pathogens.) Three full months of education, inspiration, and empowerment, and more, to make sure you reach the best bottom-line results and maintain them in the long term.


Have you ever thought about how much your health, your life, your body, your well-being is worth to you? How MUCH do you want to FEEL GOOD again?

How much would you value having a highly qualified and experienced doctor AND naturopath, who herself practices what she preaches and walks her talk, teach you all you need to know, guide, direct and INSPIRE you and help you heal?

What would it be like to have THIS person available to you anytime you have an additional question, query or insight, for 3 full months?

What value do you place on healing from all those health issues that consume you, and FINALLY get to feel great in your body again?

We found it hard to place a value on this extraordinary, wide-ranged wisdom, gathered in over 20 years of clinical experience, along with all the one-to-one guidance and personal support you receive, so we asked four independent business consultants, who, considering just the time Dr. Isabella invests in each client, priced our 3 Month Masterclass & Mentoring package between 9,000 to 15,000 Euro.

HOWEVER, it is our sincere desire to help anybody who wants to truly heal, and we are aware that not everybody has this kind of financial resource on hand. Therefore, for all those, we priced our 3 Month Masterclass & Mentoring package at 5555 Euro – a price most of you would pay for a holiday, or things, like new furniture, handbags, etc.

There is nothing as important as your health. It is TIME you receive the KNOWLEDGE you need to truly heal, from a REAL doctor and naturopath, who KNOWS what she’s talking about and walks her talk herself, instead of continuing to DROWN in (mis)information from self-proclaimed ‘health-experts’, who mostly only did a weekend course in nutrition and call themselves now a ‘Nutritionist’ and waste your time, energy and money on mostly useless treatments.

Learn how to take care of your body! It’s the only place you have to live in.

So again, with our 3 Month Masterclass & Mentoring package, here is what you will get:

  1. Discuss your health condition and its history
  2. Analyse the core of your health condition and identify its root causes
  3. Choosing the right diagnostic tools, interpretation of lab tests and other diagnostics, if available and necessary (looking at optimum, rather than ‘normal’, Dr. Isabella may see things that you have never even heard before)
  4. Explore options to efficiently eliminate the root causes
  5. Explore options to strengthen your body’s natural forces, awaken your body’s innate intelligence and activate your body’s regeneration process
  6. A step-by-step plan and continuous guidance and support for 3 months
  7. Scheduled phone consultations (online call for international clients)
  8. Ongoing voicemail/email/texting support, unlimited for 3 months
  9. Dr. Isabella’s uncensored books, which will also guide you through your healing journey. Full of life changing, life-saving and actionable information, these books are based on Dr. Isabella’s own research and experience; there is nothing similar available!
  10. Lifetime access to our True Health Academy
  11. All points mentioned above (Education, One-to-One Coaching, Ongoing Support, Inspiration & Encouragement, Implementation, Empowerment & Worldwide, Full Access)

Invest 3 months of your time, and discover how to extract yourself from the clutches of the disease-oriented medical system. You will receive all the information and guidance you need to be able to help your body heal itself and thrive, and stay healthy, all your life. With Dr. Isabella, you’re in the best hands. She has already helped thousands with all kinds of health conditions reach true healing and perfect health (see TESTIMONIALS), and will help you too. We guarantee that you will be so happy that you will also recommend Dr. Isabella to everybody you know.

Because true health IS the natural state of our being. And Dr. Isabella will help YOU reach it, and, along the way, help you become the BEST version of yourself EVER – physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually and look-wise.

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