Are you serious about healing, as soon as possible? Dr. Isabella will visit you and spend a few days at your home to equip you with all the knowledge, know-how and personal guidance you need to help you get started on the most comprehensive, all-natural, deep healing program that has ever existed.

Your Own, Supervised and Deeply Guided, True Healing Retreat, in the Comfort of Your Home!

After full assessment, together with Dr. Isabella, you will explore the physical causes of your health challenges and the most efficient ways to eliminate them, along with various healing modalities, diagnostic and treatment options that you may otherwise never even have heard of.

You will get started with an all-natural, extremely powerful detoxification program to eliminate biological and chemical contaminants in your body; work on opening up your detoxification and elimination channels, and cleansing your intestines, from up to down, easily and effortlessly, removing the plaque, or so-called biofilm from your digestive tract. You will learn how to activate the two most fascinating, yet fully natural to life processes in the human body, called autolysis and rejuvenescence.

Then, in the most efficient way, you will get started with reducing your toxic, pathogenic load, and get acquainted with the most powerful detoxifiers, antimicrobials, cleanses, botanical superstars and cellular regenerators.

You will learn how to use your ozonator, vortex blender, infrared sauna, PEMF, or any other products you will need.

You will fortify your immune system and work on cellular regeneration and tissue restoration. You will also address your nutritional profile and hormonal balance.

You will discover the shocking truth about the toxic, pathogenic junk inside us as the main root cause of diseases, and the meaning of die-off reactions and a healing crisis.

Learning to obey the basic laws of life and the reasons to do so, you will discover how to purify and energise your water; stay away from toxins and make your own toothpaste, deodorant, etc.; learn to breathe properly; walk 10,000 steps every day; ground; chill and meditate.

You will learn to cook your own delicious, satisfying, healthy foods, have daily grounding and ‘happiness’ classes, if possible, also full spectrum ‘sunshine therapy’, and if you like, learn basic yoga and the game of alignment with the Universe, and jump on the trampoline to activate waste removal.

Dr. Isabella will explain to you how to interpret lab results and you will learn how to prepare your own, custom-made herbal formulas for various health issues (boosting energy, skin health, hair, digestion, immune system, joints, weight control, libido, fertility, sugar control, etc.).

And much, much more, all to support your body in doing its intended job, miraculously and naturally – to heal itself and keep you fit and healthy, year after year, physiologically much younger than you would otherwise be.

Dr. Isabella will take you through her daily regimen and personally provide you insights on how to stay healthy, for life.

You will soon also perfectly understand the power of happy thoughts and alignment with the Universe, and much much more.

You will discover how our human body works, what it is damaged by and what it needs to become and stay healthy for as long as possible – essentially what the features of healing, wellbeing and longevity are, and how they work best for us.

You will soon master the basics of each of the individual parameters and methods, and will no longer need to believe all the claims made by the medical establishment and various “health experts”. You will be able to evaluate information, compare for yourself and understand what is really important.

Dr. Isabella will reveal to you all her secrets, in person, to guarantee long-term success. She practices what she preaches and will show you the easy way, as much as possible. You will see, after a while it all becomes routine, just like brushing your teeth. The only way you can fail your health is by not doing it!

Whatever your health condition, 8 hours daily, you will be taken through a comprehensive, life-saving, life changing, educational, deeply guided healing program that enables our human body to achieve long term, abundant health. The various all-natural treatments, along with all the eye-opening insights and empowering answers you receive all along the way, will help you overcome any health challenges, possibly even save your life, and when you part, you will be greatly equipped with priceless knowledge, as well as powerful, actionable information for the future, which will completely change your understanding of your health – for life, and will empower you to master your own healing journey, as well as, if you like, help and guide your loved ones.

Together with Dr. Isabella, you will be aiming for deep, true healing and your transformation into the BEST version of yourself EVER – physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually and look-wise – in a fit, thriving, youthful, holistically healthy body. You will be aiming at abundant health!

It will be the BEST project of your life! You will learn to master your healing journey and learn how to overcome any health challenges – all naturally. You will never worry about diseases again.


Lots of pleasure, with just a little bit of pain. (Which you will know is a healing crisis and an indication of your body having started the process of healing itself by the elimination of toxins and pathogens, and actually a great prognostic sign.) Two full weeks of education, inspiration and empowerment, to make sure you reach the best bottom-line results and maintain them in the long term.

Sign up now, to learn and discover, feel and heal. For life.

Price: €2222 per day,  plus expenses (flight/accommodation).

Please contact us for booking.

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