A ‘diagnosis’ is just a nickname given to a collection of symptoms and absolutely meaningless. What matters is what caused it. We’ll fix that, and then watch your health issues simply disappear, one by one.” 

Dr. Isabella is here to enlighten and coach you to help you HEAL, truly, and become the BEST version of yourself EVER – physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually and look-wise.


Do you feel Tired? Old? Sick? Fat? Wrinkled? Bloated? Achy? Low? Sleepless? Sad?

Do you have a ‘diagnosis’? Suffering from fatigue? Infertility? Or any chronic, degenerative, auto-immune, or life-threatening disease?

Whatever your health issue, it’s NOT ‘just in your head’, NOT because you’re unlucky, or getting older, and NOT because your parents had it too.

It is your body’s cry for help! But it’s NEVER a life sentence! It has physical causes, which MUST be eliminated so that you can truly heal and be well again.

Any condition you may have, and anywhere you may be in the world, Dr. Isabella will teach you how.

A triple board certified medical doctor and naturopath, she will teach, guide and mentor you, step by step, through your healing process, enlighten you in healing modalities, which you may otherwise never even have heard of, and coach you, in the comfort of your home, to perfect health!

In one-to-one online calls, texts, emails and voicemails, you will receive all the profound insights, empowering answers and actionable information,
as well as all the guidance and support you need to master your healing journey and help your body heal itself.

Feeling tired and exhausted?

Don’t waste your life feeling bad! Don’t waste any more money on useless (toxic, synthetic) supplements! Find out what really works to achieve deep, true healing, and regain your energy!

Suffering with digestive issues?

Bloating, reflux, constipation, diarrhea and food intolerances have real, physical causes, which are a gateway to further serious problems! Let’s eliminate them and get you truly healthy!

Struggling with infertility, or a chronically ill child?

Nature tries to protect itself! Don’t force IVFs! To get a healthy baby, you MUST cleanse your body of its toxic, pathogenic junk and learn how to awaken your body’s innate intelligence! And help your children heal!

Unable to loose weight and get in shape?

Forget diets, excessive exercise, useless shakes, supplements and treatments! Get rid of of the acidic, toxic, pathogenic junk that manipulates your metabolism and food choices, and achieve your goals and dream body!

‘Diagnosed’ with a life-threatening disease?

You must take immediate action, right now! Let’s pack your disease by its root causes and activate your body’s natural forces to help you truly heal. It will be the BEST project of your life!

Wrinkling, sagging, feeling old?

Forget your expensive, useless creams and invasive ‘treatments’! The real solution is healing from the inside! You will look way younger and better, and be healthier and fitter than ever before!

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, memory loss?

Forget band-aiding medications! Let’s cleanse your brain and body from all the junk that’s making you sick, and help you regain emotional balance, sleep, energy, joy, clarity and mental power.

Suffering from any chronic disease?

Lupus, Lyme, MS, Herpes, Hashimoto’s,  and other chronic diseases, all have physical root causes, which we must eliminate, to help your body repair the damage and regenerate.

Your body is a wonder machine! It repairs, restores and regenerates, never-endingly and effortlessly, as long as you are alive, and has the power to heal itself from anything!

Take care of it and learn to master the art of eliminating root causes and awakening your body’s natural forces and innate intelligence. Then, your body will make new, healthy cells to replace the sick ones, and you simply lose your ‘diagnosis’ and heal from all your symptoms, even the ones you never even realised you had.” 

Discover how to help your body heal itself from all your health challenges. If you have been ill for a while, and no doctor, no medicine could help you, here is the end of your hopelessness. Get started today – it will be the best project of your life.


If you or any of your loved ones are struggling with a chronic health issue or life-threatening disease, are ready to be well again and eager to attack the underlying issues and root causes from every angle, but require personal guidance, demonstration, and hands-on support to get started on the most comprehensive, all-natural, deep healing program that has ever existed, Dr. Isabella will visit you and spend a few days at your home.

She will equip you with all the powerful knowledge, empowering answers and actionable information you have been struggling to find for years, and help you get started on your healing protocol, and if you like, even train and empower you to help and guide others on their healing journey.

A plethora of wisdom, empowering answers and actionable information, these books are life-saving, life changing and irreplaceable.

In fact, the word “doctor” comes from the Latin word “docere” which means “to teach”. Therefore, a “doctor” should be a learned person, a mentor, who teaches you how to heal yourself. Doctors were never meant to be pill-pushers! 

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