Mastering the Alchemy of Real, Natural Cures & Enlightened, Holistic, Regenerative Medicine, we teach, guide and mentor you all the way to Perfect Health, Self-Mastery & Youthfulness. Whatever your health challenge.

Just decide to truly HEAL & FEEL 100% ALIVE AGAIN, and let us help.

Even if you have been ill for a while, and no doctor, no medicine could help you, here is the end of your suffering. The end of your hopelessness.

A ‘diagnosis’ is just a nickname given to a collection of symptoms and absolutely meaningless. What matters is what caused it! We’ll fix that, and help your body regenerate, and then just watch your health issues disappear, one by one.

Have you been doctor-shopping, diet-shopping, supplement-shopping, yet are still not better?

Feeling sick? Tired? Old? Fat? Wrinkled? Bloated? Achy? Low? Sleepless? Sad?

Or suffering from Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Infertility, Eczema, Allergies, Migraines, IBS, PCOS, Leaky Gut, Diverticulitis, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, GERD, ADD, MS, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, Brain Fog, Alzheimer’s, Hashimoto’s, Lyme, Premature Ageing, Cysts, Autism, or any other chronic, auto-immune, degenerative, or even life-threatening disease?

What you’re going through is valid, with physical causes! Mainly the toxic, pathogenic junk inside you, stealing your nutrients, manipulating cellular function, and damaging your tissues, simply masquerading as disease, and your body unable to cope because you have disobeyed the basic laws of life for too long…

Your symptoms are just your body’s cry for help! Don’t just ignore it! Don’t band-aid it! Don’t just live (or die) with it!


The pinnacle of the last 20 years of clinical practice, extensive, open-minded research, as well as personal experiences, merging the most powerful healing techniques from the fields of Holistic, Functional, Nutritional, Naturopathic, ​Energy, ​Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, I developed the most comprehensive, all-natural, clinically proven, deep healing and regenerating program that has EVER existed.

I am here, personally, to TEACH, GUIDE AND MENTOR you through the most important project of your life, and help you HEAL, WHOLLY, and live a radiant life in perfect health, with plenty of energy, mental clarity, balanced emotions, ageless youthfulness, a sexy body, and joy and peace of mind. It is the natural state of our being.


With Love,
Dr. Isabella


Much more than just consultations, Dr. Isabella will teach, guide and mentor you (through regular video calls, texts, voicemails and emails), empowering you with true wisdom, expert knowledge and practical know-how, whatever your health challenge & wherever you are in the World, and lead you through the most comprehensive, all-natural, clinically proven, deep healing program that has EVER existed, to help you heal, wholly, from all your health issues, and become the BEST version of yourself EVER – physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually and look-wise.

Learn and discover how to truly heal, how to nurture, nourish and regenerate you body, cells and tissues, from a real expert, guided and supervised all the way for 3 months.

Book your own, PERSONAL, 3 MONTH 1 to 1 PACKAGE, and get started today.

It is your biggest chance to, finally, be 100% WELL again! For life!

“Our body is a wonder machine! It repairs, restores and regenerates, never-endingly and effortlessly, as long as we are alive! It has the power to heal itself from anything! If we eliminate the root causes and awaken our body’s natural forces and innate intelligence, our body will make new, healthy cells to replace the sick ones, and we simply lose our ‘diagnosis’, and heal from all our symptoms, even the ones we never even realised we had!”


Life-saving, life-changing and irreplaceable, in case of extra needs or emergencies, you may need your own, supervised, high-end healing retreat, at your home. With Dr. Isabella in person, you will be provided a plethora of wisdom, powerful insights and actionable information, in the shortest time possible, as well as hands-on training, personally from a real expert, which you need to heal, and using the best, most powerful, all-natural, deep healing techniques, detoxifiers, antimicrobials, cleanses, cellular regenerators and botanical superstars, quickly learning how to attack the underlying issues from every single angle – to create a health transformation that is nothing short of ASTONISHING.

We are not joking. We are perfectionists, and we want you purified and regenerated, aligned and energised. Whatever your health condition, we want you HEALTHY.

This option may be the best suitable if you wish to book for your elderly parents, or ill children, or are mentally not well enough to follow guidance on the phone.

Your body can heal itself and achieve abundant health, youthfulness and longevity (and even great looks and brain power) if you awaken its natural forces and innate intelligence, and eliminate the toxic, pathogenic junk inside. Your health is really in Your hands, and we’re here to help you.”


Are you ready to tap into a diverse array of techniques and resources and discover innovative solutions to your health concerns? Ready to be mind-blown? Ready to start your healing journey, enlightened and empowered with true wisdom and knowledge? We are delighted to present our self-care and self-healing Unlimited Health Academy Program, an online course that helps you​ ​unlock your body’s innate intelligence & healing potential, and discover the best​ ​“bio-hacks” to help you eliminate underlying issues and upgrade​ ​your cells and tissues, supporting you in achieving your health & wellness goals, addressing your unique needs in a truly holistic way,​ to help you​ ​arrive at your best state of health​ ​EVER.


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