Dr. Isabella Tausz, MD, ND

Founder of Curingology, Author & International Health Consultant

Specialist in Family Medicine (German Board)
Specialist in Naturopathic Medicine (German Board),
Anti-Ageing & Regenerative Medicine (U.S. Board)

Meet our founder, Dr. Isabella, the heart and brains behind Curingology!

Enlightening you in Regenerative Medicine, Natural Healing and Holistic Health, Dr. Isabella is a highly qualified, triple board certified medical doctor and naturopath. She specialises in Functional, Holistic, Regenerative Medicine and further excels in Naturopathic, Longevity, Anti-Ageing, Preventive and Energy Medicine, as well as Rainforest Medicine and Nutritional Therapy.

Dr. Isabella is committed to treating root causes to eliminate disease, instead of just band-aiding symptoms, all naturally. She loves getting to the bottom of things and fixing them, even if it’s sometimes challenging and may take time, because she knows that that’s the only way to deeply heal and achieve true health.

Dr. Isabella founded Curingology to help you create your own health success story too!

After more than 20 years of clinical practice, having extensively studied and researched various natural healing modalities, as well as herself implementing them, and having experienced their long-term, deep healing effects on herself and thousands of patients, she developed an all-natural, holistic health education and transformation program, to help you overcome any health challenges you may have and become the healthiest person you have ever known.

Having experienced thousands of patients suffering with all kinds of chronic health challenges, and quickly recognising modern medicine’s inability to cure them, soon after having started her career as a conventional medical doctor in general practice in 1994, Dr. Isabella started studying and working with cellular biology, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, naturopathic, anti-ageing and regenerative medicine, energy medicine, rainforest medicine, bio-oxidative therapies and various other all-natural methods, along with experimenting on herself, passionately and tirelessly looking for safe and powerful, natural cures and remedies to eliminate diseases by their roots – and has found them.

A lot of people are suffering, and try one thing after the other, but by the time they would find the information that could actually help them, they’ve already given up. Because, shockingly, there is a lot of contradicting and confusing information about health everywhere, with thousands spreading each others’ misinformed claims, often originating from people who did a weekend course in “nutrition” and call themselves now a “nutritionist”. And it is so sad, because it makes it very difficult for somebody not from the field, who is interested in finding a way to heal, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

We appreciate that people are trying to help others, but, naturally, we are biased towards getting information only from those who have intensely studied, researched, themselves implemented, tried and tested certain modalities, and experienced their long-term effects on themselves and, in a clinical setting, on many others. 

Dr. Isabella’s mission is to help everybody understand how our human body works, what it is damaged by and what it really needs to become and stay healthy, for as long as possible – essentially what the features of healing, wellbeing and longevity are, and how they work best for us. She wants to spread the word and help people realise that true health, within a fit, thriving, youthful, holistically healthy body, is right under their nose.

She is dedicated to cleansing the body from its toxic, pathogenic overload, activating cellular regeneration, and strengthening the body’s natural forces and innate intelligence to empower it to heal itself. She mostly focuses on deep, efficient detoxification, molecular and cellular biology, Rainforest and herbal medicine, nutrition, hormonal balance and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, bio-oxidative therapies, gastrointestinal health, as well as teaching the basic laws life, to help her patients heal from challenging, often otherwise ‘incurable’ chronic diseases and health issues.

She’s a perfectionist. She loves to achieve real results and see her patients happy and thriving. She practices what she preaches and leads by example, apart from educating, also inspiring and encouraging everybody to do their best, by herself doing her best, and is a real role model for many. She is an advocate of providing enlightened, high-quality, holistic, natural healthcare in a responsible, caring and friendly manner, able to explain even complex issues in layman terms, and always treating the body as a whole. She practices pro-active medicine for all age groups (including children) and meets the highest expectations.

Her work is based upon a sincere desire to help you live a truly healthy, happy, long, rich life. And she has SO much to share to help you with all of that! You absolutely must read her books and book your consultation or coaching package, because they will provide you with all the life saving, life changing and irreplaceable information you need, and guide you and support you all the way – to deep, true healing, from really anything, and the healthiest, fullest life possible – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – in a strong, fit body, literally resistant to disease.

Hungarian born, German schooled, World inspired, Dr. Isabella currently lives and works between Munich, Cyprus, Dubai and Marbella, working as an abundant health Consultant, and writing her next book.

Curingology has been created in an online and educational format to bring true health to people all across the world, helping them enjoy the comprehensive benefits of a profound, holistic healing plan within a 1:1 coaching and mentoring model, which has already allowed hundreds of people in the past few years to banish their chronic health conditions and achieve true health.

With Curingology, you too will master your healing journey and the basics of each of its individual parameters, and will no longer need to believe all the claims made by various “health experts”. You will be able to evaluate information, compare for yourself and understand what is really important.

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